A Little Imagination

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Need a facelift? Want to tighten up? Or maybe create a new baby?

If you need a little help with your publication, brand, product or service (or maybe none of the above!), perhaps it's time for A Little Imagination.

Professional regional services from MC & creative team include:


Editorial, Art & Photography
Review & Revamp
Regional Product Integrity Supervision
Creative Strategies
Incubate New Creative Setup
Talent Management


Commissioned projects Past projects include Mixed Signals for American Express (1989); Michael Chiang's Comedy Playhouse for American Express (1991); My Art Belongs To Me for Sotheby's 10th anniversary (1995).

Commercial stage & film productions Had scripts staged/produced by various theatre companies (including TheatreWorks, Toy Factory, Wild Rice) and film company Cathay Films.

branding and design

Thirty years experience dealing with varied consumer markets: working on value enhancement — from niche audiences like Malay households to youths, families and kids, to wider segments like working men and women.

Worked with editorial teams to create award-winning covers & editorial

Created marketing campaigns, slogans, jingles & ads for in-house titles


Publishing workshopsConducted editorial workshop for senior management of Bhutan's national newspaper Kuensel in 2008

In-house creative workshops — staff training (for design and editorial)

Customised and focused creative workshops

can also travel and write

Depending on time, mood and availability, am happy to do the occasional writing…