A Little Imagination

a little introduction

Rule #1: Don't believe everything you read.

Michael Chiang does bike along East Coast Park on sporadic weekends when impulse propels him, but the only magazine Empire he owns is the 20th anniversary issue Spielberg edited in April 2009.

Urban legend may have raised Michael to mythic proportions in the industry — Singapore's magazine guru! — but well-placed insiders know that this guy's more like an underdeveloped Clark Kent hiding inside a Superman lycra suit: shy, awkward, and downright hard to comprehend when he mumbles.

But with 30 years of hands-on experience in print journalism and publishing, Michael hopes there will be bright, open-minded types out there eager to embrace him (figuratively, of course) as he ventures on his own.

Yes, after nearly three decades of corporate life — he was even a CEO for 10 years — Michael Chiang has decided to start his own creative consultancy. Sprinkle some stardust and bedazzle the world.

It's time for A Little Imagination.