A Little Imagination

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Some recent projects and stuff that have kept my little imagination busy!

it's been done

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Editorial director: The A List
Client: National Arts Council

Created a new fortnightly arts guide aimed at raising awareness of Singapore’s vibrant arts scene.

In addition to the print publication, which is distributed free across the island through arts venues, ticketing counters, cafes, community centres and Changi Airport, we are also responsible for the online version (a-list.sg) and generate daily content for various social media platforms.

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Screenplay: Our Sister Mambo
Client: Cathay Organisation

Scripted the upcoming film starring Michelle Chong and Moses Lim. Loosely based on a black & white Hong Kong film classic from the 50s, the romantic comedy is produced by Cathay to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary this year. Directed by Taiwan-based director Ho Widing, the film goes on general release in cinemas in Singapore and Malaysia in mid-July.

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Scriptwriter: National Day Parade 2014
Client: Singapore Government

Second time as part of the creative team for NDP. This 2014 edition was widely praised for daring to address the struggles of everyday Singaporeans even as the event celebrated the nation’s 49th year of independence. Worked on script, came up with show title: Live It! Love It! Be It!

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Design & Branding: Centre 42
Client: National Arts Council

Conceptualisation and design of logo for Centre 42, a new arts space for documenting, promoting and creating writing for theatre. Project responsibilities also extended to design of marketing kit, name cards, and signages.

Design work by Tony Law, Superocket.

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Editorial consultancy: Hey! magazineClient: Nanyang Technological University

Worked on editorial and design of NTU's new campus publication, and also the university's year-end calendar and greeting cards.

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Editorial consultancy: Pioneer magazine
Client: Singapore Defence Ministry

Worked on the redesign and repositioning of Pioneer, monthly publication of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), to mark the magazine's 40th anniversary in Aug 2009.

More contemporary format placed emphasis on stronger features and more accessible news, and introduced a new lifestyle section.

A year later, Pioneer went on to become the first magazine in Singapore to go on iPad. In 2012, the magazine was selectively bundled with popular newsstand titles, to broaden its readership and reach.

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Book project: Partnering to Rebuild
Client: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Worked on the publication of book detailing SAF's rebuilding efforts in Iraq over a five year period.

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Book project: because it's Home
Client: NEXUS (National Education), Defence Ministry

Conceptualised and published commemorative book for the 2011 Total Defence campaign, which revolved around the recording of the song 'Home' by 38 local singers from different eras and genres. Came up with idea of book with dvd inserted into cover.

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Scriptwriter: National Day Parade 2010Client: Singapore Government

Core member of the creative team which brainstormed and conceptualised show to celebrate 45th anniversary of Singapore's independence. Worked on script, came up with the titles of show (Red, White & Wow!) and national pledge moment (One Voice).

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Brochure project: Heavy Entertainment
Client: Heavy Entertainment, UK
Worked on concept, design and copy for a glossy 24-page brochure for London-based media company offering state-of-the-art recording studio facilities and services.

Book project: Tamara KarsarvinaClient: Author, UKProduction manager for publication of coffee-table book on life of famed ballerina, timed to coincide with major exhibition (Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes) at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.

it's been said

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